Learn How To Become A More Efficient Coach.

Do you want to get to the next level in your career? 

Are you wondering how to get the hours of the day to suffice? 

Learn about the Protocol of Improving your Efficiency and improve your chances of success today!

I liked the course. 

The tips given are simple, easy to apply but so effective. It made me think about my coaching process and what I have to change to get more out of it. For me part 2 was a real eye opener.

Shurell Wilson

Coach Developer

The principles of the Protocol of Improving your Efficiency helped me to organize myself and become more effective. I have shared this knowledge with other colleagues and have noticed that they respond positively to these principles as well.

Dzevad Saric

FK Sarajevo

It was a very good course. Enjoyed the content and has me reevaluating my own processes. But most importantly, what to prioritize and how to prepare. The looking back to look forward to something I currently practice and enjoy.

Chris Kranjc

Youth Coach

The Curriculum 

  • Module 1: Introduction

    In this first module the focus is on identifying the problem that is all too common for coaches all over the world. You will get an extensive background to the origins of the protocol of improving your efficiency and an insight into the life of a top coach.

  • Module 2: Prioritize Better

    The second module is the first, and most important step of becoming a more efficient coach. You will learn how to set better goals, choose what tasks to spend your time on and in which order you should do them in order to maximize your chance of success.

  • Module 3: Prepare Better

    In this third module the second part of the coach efficiency circle is discussed. You will learn about the looking model that will help you be better prepared for every situation you encounter in your coaching. 

  • Module 4: Execute Better

    We spend most our time on coaching courses talking about how we can execute out coaching better on the field. In this module you will learn a model that will help you execute your coaching better both on and off the field.

  • Module 5: Evaluate Better

    This last part of the course might be one of the most important ones. As the coach efficiency circle comes to a close, a new one begins. You will learn how the quality of your evaluation sets the bar for how good your prioritization of the next circle will be. 

The Protocol of Improving your Efficiency will help you immediately.

How often have you thought to yourself "if only I had more time"? When I coached at the top level there was so many different tasks and responsibilities that the days were never long enough. My mistake was to do a little bit of everything, resulting in me becoming overworked and my team not becoming that much better. Unfortunately, I experienced something that I do not wish on any coach, I burned out.


Ever since the last time that happened in 2018, I've been thinking about how my situation could have been avoided. There has to be a way to succeed in coaching without having to work 80 hours a week, being single and living in a hole in the ground. From doing extensive research and talking to coaches, becoming more efficient is the solution. I wish that I would've known this when I started coaching. It's too late for me, but not for you...

  • Learn how to increase the quality of your coaching even more and gain an edge over your competition.

  • Learn how you can execute quality coaching in a shorter period of time to allow for you to do even more with your team.

  • By becoming a more efficient coach you will save time that you can spend with your family, friends and most importantly on yourself.

Here's what you'll receive once you choose to become a more efficient coach.

  • Access to the first coaching course on how to improve your efficiency

    This unique course that has never been done before. For the first time ever, you can learn methods and models that were previously only available to my private coaching clients. 

  • More than 90 minutes of teaching video

    More than 90 minutes of clips, divided into short segments so that you can attend this course in your own pace. Extensive teaching on how you can improve your efficiency will transcend your coaching immediately. 

  • Game-changing information that will give you an edge

    Whether you spend the time that you will save on coaching your team more or hanging out with your family, this course will be a game-changer for you!

  • Access to the Coaches Tribe community

    Join our private Facebook group and discuss coaching with other coaches just like you, my private coaching clients and others who have completed this course.

  • Live streams with Q&A's

    As a member of the Coaches Tribe you'll be front and center for Live Streams, Q&A sessions and have direct access to me within our group. 

  • Private Coaching Discount

    ​As a coach it's difficult to know who to speak to. Having your own coach to coach you is priceless. When purchasing this online course you will get 50% off your first Private Coaching session!



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