A Guide to Better Prioritization

The first step of becoming a more efficient coach is to prioritize what you spend your time on. As a coach you have a lot of different tasks and responsibilities in our day to day coaching. Some of these are specific to the coaching role within your organization and some of the tasks are connected to the level you’re working on. 


It’s extremely difficult to say much or anything really about what type of tasks you’re dealing with in your sport, in your country, and at your organization. However, what I know about your tasks are that you probably have many of them, and that you like many other coaches all around the world, might need some help to make your days run more smoothly. 


Figuring out how to prioritize better will help you avoid being swamped by too many tasks that waste your time and drain your energy. You want to be able to coach with a high quality in every session and every day in addition to being able to maintain your level of coaching throughout the season. 


Think back to your coaching situation and all the different tasks you have. Would you like to get more stuff done? Not only do things for the sake of doing them, but actually get things done. How many times have you reflected on a season or a period of coaching and thought ‘why did I spend time doing THAT’? 


When I was coaching, I started up many projects that upon reflection, it’s impossible to explain how they contributed to the results or performance of my team. I fell into one of the most common traps for ambitious coaches out there. The more I read and the more knowledge I attained, the more things I started doing with my teams and players. The result being that there was no accumulation of learning effect and not as much improvement in my teams as I hoped. 


What I now realize is that I should’ve focused on one or two things, that could have made a real impact for my players development. Doing a little bit of everything doesn’t help your team or your players improve. However, doing a lot of the right things will!  


To help you achieve better prioritization I will guide you through a 4-step process that you can follow regardless of what team sport your are coaching, what role you have, what level your on or what country you live in. This step-by-step process will help you find out which tasks you should spend the most of your time on, and which you should avoid. Since the model is chronological, the first step is the most important and will make the biggest difference for you, followed by the second step etc. 


When you start spending your time on the things that really matter, you will start seeing incredible results in your coaching. This model of better prioritization starts with calibrating your inner compass before it moves on to defining your critical and non-critical tasks. From there on out you will add time to the equation and learn how to think like a venture capitalist. By using this model you will clear the way for yourself to become a more efficient and increase your chances of success. 


The Model For Better Prioritization


Step 1: Calibrating Your Inner Compass

This first step is the most important one for anyone who want to be successful. Having a clear vision and goals for where you want to go is the starting point for what will be important in your life. Aligning your inner desires with your visions will help you achieve the things you want not only in your coaching, but also with your family, in your social life and with your financials. Learn more >>


Step 2: Defining Your Tasks

When you have a clear view of where you’re heading it’s time to have a look at the things you are currently doing. How many tasks do you have today and which contribute to your potential success? Defining which tasks are critical and non-critical (although still important), will help you spending time on the things that really matter for you!  Learn more >>


Step 3: Adding Time

So you have a list of tasks that are critically important for your chances of success. How do you know where to start? Maybe there’s a task on your long list that will be much easier to complete if you start by doing another task. Sometimes you will find that there are some causal relationships between different things that means you need to do A before B. Learn more >>


Step 4: Thinking Like A Venture Capitalist

When you’ve completed the first three steps, it’s time to optimize your prioritization by borrowing a line of thinking from the financial industry. When a VC is thinking about investing in a start up, they ask themselves “What’s the return on my investment?”. Sure, as a coach you’re not investing money, but you are investing the most valuable commodity of all, your time. Start with the tasks that give you the highest return on the time you invest. Learn more >>




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