My Purpose

It took me a while but finally it dawned on me, my purpose and why I do what I do. Going from a not very special playing career into coaching was a big step. Developing my coaching from grassroots level to the Champions League was another big step.


Finding my true purpose and leaving coaching teams to become a coach of coaches was a huge step! 

Finding ones purpose in itself is a huge thing, leaving what you have poured 10 years of hard work and a lot of money into to become the best you can be, is... Well, let's just say that it's not for everyone...


I can truly say that I love what I do. Helping others improve and become the best versions of themselves is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. No win can compare to observing the personal development of a human being. I love it! 

From the Start

I grew up in the northern parts of Sweden in a small village where the winters were long and the options for activities outside sport was very limited. Growing up, I tried and participated in all the different team sports that were available in the village and the surrounding area, playing football, ice hockey, floorball and basketball while also competing in track and field for a period of time.


Big parts of my childhood was spent playing in the woods or in the snow which developed my creativity and my behavioral pattern recognition skills. I was part of the group of people who started the floorball club in my village and coached the senior women’s team before deciding to go all in on football in my early twenties. I also tried refereeing in both floorball and football for a short period of time.


The determination to make big sacrifices to play football was the result of an underlying drive to become a coach. My thinking was that playing as long as possible on a level as high as possible would give me more experience and knowledge for when starting my coaching career. My playing career led to a semi-professional level in Norway before a knee injury convinced me that this was a good time to start coaching in 2008 at the age of 27. The following year I was a board member and a youth coach in my Norwegian club that I had played for.

In 2010, I made the drastic decision of quitting my job as Logistics Manager at a medical biotech company to go all-in on football coaching. In a similar way as when deciding to play football, my reasoning was that if you don’t go all-in you don’t give yourself the chance to succeed. That meant often having 3 sessions per day with the sports high school, academy and the U19 team in addition to working as a scout for an English PL team.


On average I probably had minimum 1 session per day for the first 3 years coaching, gaining a lot of experience from all different levels and roles. My career in coaching led from the grassroots to the top level working as an Academy Manager and first team assistant coach until 2017. During this time I studied coaching, leadership and sport psychology in order to become a better coach for my players.


After spending 5-6 years coaching more or less every day, I decided to take a sabbatical in 2017 to focus on my personal development. During that year I attended a lot of coaching education courses, personal development courses, studied different subjects and attended my first 10-day meditation retreat. I continued my studies on human behavior and also expanded into economics and philosophy to further my own personal development. This is also the year that I started to mentor coaches from different locations, levels and sports.

In 2018 I was offered to coach the Swedish women’s champions and led them to a Swedish Cup final while also coaching them in the Champions League quarter finals before stepping down after only 5 months in charge. After spending most of 2018 reflecting and continuing my personal development, including a second 10-day meditation retreat, I found my true passion; to help coaches and leaders improve.


What drove me to coaching in the first place was the possibility to help the players achieve their dreams and objectives. Back in 2017 when I started mentoring coaches, I realized that helping coaches (from different sports) gave me more satisfaction than coaching a team. Further reflection and a clear realization of this purpose has led me to create more and more content with the sole intention of helping coaches and leaders with personal development in their context.

Marcus coaching in 2018.

Today I am living the dream, mentoring coaches from all over the world and on all different levels. From coaches who are working in professional clubs to coaches who are just starting out. In addition I am consulting teams, delivering courses and speaking on various topics within team sport, coaching and personal development.


Let me know if I can help,

Marcus Walfridson



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